How Important Is Quality Copywriting to a Website's Success?

Website copywriting is a critical part of building an internet presence. That goes even for sites that are largely driven by imagery, videos, games, or other elements. You might wonder how the copy's quality can affect your site. Take a look at why it's important and how you can make better use of it.

Enhancing Your Website's SEO

Modern search engines, such as Google, have metrics that gauge the quality of the written content on websites. A lack of attention to the quality of the website copywriting is taken by the search engines as evidence of a low level of care.

The search engines don't want to send users to low-quality websites. Consequently, they use these metrics to determine which sites are of high value before recommending a page to a user. Unless your site is in a very uncompetitive keyword niche, there's a good chance that search results pages will favor a more well-written piece of content if you're not focused on quality.

Driving Visitor Engagement

People want to engage with content. If they go to a shopping website that has bland copy, for example, they're less likely to be excited. Conversely, a business that has website copywriters who add fun and focus to the content can get folks to engage with it. If you strike the right chord, people will even share it with others.

Similarly, engaging content encourages people to keep reading. If one page was fun and exciting, they figure a second page may be rewarding, too. That increases the chances that the visitor will bookmark the site, sign up for the email newsletter, or visit the social media feed. More importantly, each of those actions creates a faster path to come back to the site. More visitors will bypass the search engines, and that effectively cuts out your competitor's pages.

How to Create Great Copy

Get professional about the copy you're producing. If writing isn't your thing, you can work with website copywriting services. Either way, work up what the themes and tone are for your site. If you need to be serious, make sure your copy has impeccable grammar and uses authoritative keywords. If you want to be fun and playful, make sure the copy follows specific themes that dovetail well with that tone.

Use these notes if you're doing the website copywriting work, or send them to a professional to have them produce the content. Going about it in a more structured way will increase the quality of the copy.