3 Tips For Marketing Yourself As A Professional Artist

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When you aspire to be a professional artist, you might envision the stereotypical “starving artist.” Unfortunately, many talented artists fall short when it comes to marketing, making it difficult to legitimize themselves as a professional. Learning effective marketing can help you starve less and feast more. Start With A Website The likelihood of being a successful artist through showcasing in galleries is low. Although showing your work in galleries is an excellent way to improve local visibility and engage with prospective buyers, it does nothing to put your work in front of an unlimited number of people. If you can only afford to purchase a domain name and not hosting, start with the basics. Some free web hosting plans will allow you to point your domain to their platform. As soon as you are able, transfer your website to a paid host. You want your website to be the central hub where you post pictures of your work, information about yourself, and offer your audience a chance to make a purchase or commission unique pieces. Keep Your Website Simple One of the first things people should see when they visit your website is pictures of your artwork. You may want to take your best artwork and make them scroll across the front page. This is not the time to ramble on about your accomplishments or information about yourself. Save this information for a special “About” section. Visitors should be able to easily navigate your website and find a full gallery or portfolio of your work, items available for sale, and a contact page. It is best to have visible social media icons in one of the top corners so visitors know they can follow you on other platforms. Think About Residual Income Many artists take commissions, and this is the bulk of their income. Much like other creative professionals, there will be spans of time when work is slow, or you may simply have creative blocks. Your overall strategy to keep a consistent income as an artist should include residual income sources. One method artists uses is to take high-resolution photographs of their work and have them made into prints. Offering prints affords you the opportunity to keep the original for yourself or have it ready for buyers who are interested in the original artwork. Furthermore, you are not neglecting a segment of your audience who cannot afford original artwork, but want to support you. For small, simple pieces, it may be worth the investment to make prints yourself by using a photo printer and specialty paper. Otherwise, you can use print-on-demand services, which prevents you from having to make an upfront investment in prints that may not sell. With many resources available, you have unlimited tools available to improve your business. Although being a professional artist is not always easy, no matter how talented you are, learning to effectively market yourself is a start. Contact a company that specializes in online marketing to learn...

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Good Reasons You Need Custom Software Solutions For Your Online Marketing Business

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No two businesses are alike, even those that sell the same types of products. Every business has its own set of clientele. Each one of your customers is unique and has unique needs for your product. Choosing to use customized software for your online marketing business can help you cater to each of your customers in a more personal manner. You can also maintain data that will help you grow your business at the same time. Check out these benefits of choosing customized software solutions for your online marketing business. Software Sold Off-The-Shelf Cannot Know All Your Business Needs The software you purchase off the shelf in stores is designed to be one-size-fits-all solutions. When it comes to specifics in your business, a one-size-all software may not be helpful. Instead of spending time trying to make an off-the-shelf software work for you, spending time having a software solution customized to suit your business needs is faster and more time and money saving. Software Solutions That Grow With Your Business As your business grows bigger, your needs for greater software solutions do as well. If you are relying on generic software, you may be out of luck and need to purchase a more updated version when your business experiences growth. If you have professionally designed software, it can be prepared to deal with the growth of your business from the time of its initial installation. One of the most important aspects of running a successful online business is taking steps to save time and money. If you do not have to stop business to install updated software, you have the advantage over other businesses that do. Software Solutions That Fit Into Your Existing Hardware Professionals you hire to customize your software will design it to work with the hardware you already have, another money-saving benefit. You can save a great deal of money for new hardware you would most likely need to buy every time you upgrade with a one-size-fits-all software brand. Integration into your existing systems can also make it easier on you and any employees you have when using the software. You will have the same hardware you and your employees have been used to, so there is no time spent getting used to new hardware. Your investment in customized software development solutions will certainly be worthwhile. You will not have to worry about constant upgrades and down time in your business with software solutions made just for you and your business...

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4 Tips For Marketing Your Online Business

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The Internet has become more advanced than ever these days. There are few things that you can’t do from the comfort of your home. One of these is running a business. Regardless of what you are trying to sell, it is ideal to market your product or service. Taking the time to generate traffic to your website is time well-spent. By knowing specific tips to assist in the marketing of your online business, you may be able to get more customers. Tip #1: Create content One effective way to get the attention of online surfers is by creating informative content about what you have to offer your customers. Taking the time to write articles and blogs is an ideal way for you to appeal to individuals that are interested in your products or services. Be sure to make your content easy to read and navigate to increase the chances of others taking advantage of the information you have to offer. Tip #2: Use keywords It is critical to the success of your online company to use the right keywords throughout your content and on your website. These should be carefully selected, and there are some tools online that can aid you in choosing the best ones to use. Tip #3: Rely on social media It is ideal to rely on some social media outlets to get the customers you want. Most of these are simple to use and only involve creating a profile for your business. Once this has been completed, you can typically begin posting and making comments about what you have to offer. Don’t forget to add a link back to your website whenever this is allowed. Doing so will help send customers straight to your site doors and this could turn into an easy sale for you! Tip #4: Keep your website updated You want people to purchase from your site, and your customers want the buying process to be easy and simple. Aim to provide this simplicity by keeping your stock current and the payment process easy. If the process is not easy, customers will quickly leave your site. Also make sure to keep the content fresh and accurate at all times in order to keep customers looking at your site for longer periods of time. The key to your online business success is getting enough traffic. Make sure to use these tips to generate more traffic to your site. If you need assistance, be sure to contact a digital marketing services company to assist you...

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4 Reasons To Invest In Web Design Services

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If you own a company and are looking to take your web presence to the next level, you may be considering investing in web design services. You may be hoping to attract more customers by making some improvements. However, many business owners don’t know a thing about creating a website that looks great. Web design companies can offer you many benefits. Take a look at the following information to better understand the reasons as to why you should invest in web design services.  Make Your Website Look Attractive If you have a very simple and boring website, it may not be enticing to customers. They may decide that your brand is not for them just by taking a few seconds to look at your website. You want to make sure that you have an attractive and eye-catching design. This could help you to get better results. Make Your Website More User Friendly These days, people don’t want to spend forever trying to navigate a new website. If your website has a lot of pop-ups, has a confusing layout, or is slow and difficult to browse, you may find that potential customers give up before they get to the main point of your website. This may result in lost sales. With a web design company’s help, you can make sure that your website is easy to browse and that it loads nicely and quickly! Get Help with Search Engine Optimization  If you want to make sure that your company is able to be found when individuals search for products and services, you will need a good search engine optimization strategy. Web designers know the ins and outs to SEO. They will be able to make a great website that looks good but that is also easy to find on the web. Get Design Advice Some business owners don’t have any idea what type of website that they want. By working with a design company, you can get expert advice throughout the whole project. This allows you to decide on the best colors, layout, and style of website to get the best results. It can ease your fears about your online marketing practices because you’ll be in good hands!  As you can see, it makes sense to work with a professional web design team. You can make your website look great and function better. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to talk about your web design needs, contact a local website design company...

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3 Website Tips To Attract Visitors And Turn Them Into Customers

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Your website design and content can influence the number of visitors you attract and the reputation of your store. When designing your website you need to focus on increasing traffic and preventing frustration as visitors navigate your store. Take Advantage Of Product Information Product information is not only important to tell visitors about a product, but the same information can attract visitors to your store. Visitors will find your store through search engines while they are looking for a specific product. Make sure you include any unique features about the product. Visitors may search for an item and add size, color or ingredient information to narrow their search. For example, if a product has a special feature, such as being cruelty-free, vegan or gluten-free, you want to include this information in the product description. Upgrade Your Website Speed Speed is everything when it comes to online shopping and you need to buy a web hosting package and design your website with speed in mind. You should purchase a hosting package with as much storage space and bandwidth as you can reasonably afford to minimize the chance files or traffic will adversely affect your website. When possible, you should periodically test the load time of your website, especially if you have made significant modifications. If you can recruit friends with different internet speeds and devices, this will help you gain a better idea of the load time of your website. Although the load time of your website is expected to fluctuate based on the visitor’s internet speed and device, your website should not be unreasonably slow. Use Site Maps The more items your store carries and if there are many features on your website, you will need to invest more time and effort into effective site maps. For complex websites, you should consider using breadcrumbs. This is the ideal mapping system to keep your visitors from becoming confused when navigating your website. Visitors can easily see where they are in relation to other parts of your website and not have to start from scratch if they want to look elsewhere on your website for a product. Make sure every page on your website has obvious areas for visitors to go back to your home page, contact support, navigate product categories, view their shopping cart and go to your social media pages. You want to avoid any opportunity for them to become frustrated with your website and shop elsewhere. Avoiding common pitfalls when designing your online store can improve visitor traffic and the reputation of your store. View your online store from the perspective of a visitor to spot common frustrations before they occur. Click here for information about web design....

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How to Know If a Call Center Job Is Right for You

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When you finish college and are looking for a job, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choices that you never really thought about when you were going to classes and studying for finals. A job option you may be considering is one of many different call center positions. While you may not have seen this as a career goal for yourself, do not be too quick to discount a call center job opening. It may be just the opportunity you are looking for. Read this guide and get to know more about call center jobs and how they may be a good fit for you.  Call Center Work Is Fast Paced If you like to keep busy and you don’t ever want to get bored at work because you have nothing to do after just a few hours of going full-steam, then call center work is likely for you. Not only will you almost always be busy, but call center managers expect you to keep up the pace with short call handle times while maintaining excellent customer service. Average call handle times are usually expected to be around five minutes or so in many call centers to ensure efficiency and short hold times for customers. This means that you always need to be conscious of your speed and keep your efficiency spot on.  There Are Many Advancement Opportunities Call centers are far more complex in their design than just customer service representatives and managers. Often, there are levels of leadership that go from team lead to supervisor to call center or department supervisor and even further up. There are also quality assurance departments that monitor and review calls to make sure employees are meeting company expectations.  And, many call centers are often looking to add new departments and revenue streams, so you could be lucky enough to advance to research and client acquisitions. You could also become a social media representative or agent responsible for special cases and investigations. There is a great deal you can do when you start out on the call center floor, and the sky is truly the limit in a call center environment if you are ambitious enough to try.  Call Centers Offer Great Perks and Benefits Because call centers often represent high-profile companies and clients, the representatives often get great benefit package offerings as well as additional perks. These include quality health insurance plan offerings, 401k or other retirement plans, stock options, and the like.  In addition to these standard benefits, call center representatives can often get deep discounts on the products that they represent and on additional local products and events that companies will negotiate on behalf of their employees. Be sure to pay close attention to the benefits and perks offered by any call center job you consider. You will likely not be disappointed.  Now that you know more about call center jobs and the ways they can benefit you, you can decide whether to apply to that call center job you have kept your eye...

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3 Content Marketing Strategies For A Post-Panda Internet

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While fear of Googlebot’s crawling judgment is the bane of many a website creator’s existence, their customers’ unfavorable judgments can be just as damaging to a marketing campaign. To win the admiration and respect of your website visitors and the crawlers, take these 3 steps: 1. Make it easy for web developers, writers and bloggers to create and add content. One of the best first steps you can take when planning your web content marketing strategy is to use a company-dedicated content management system, or CMS, to help you create, move, and store content. Rather than having your blog parked at one web address and your business site at another, use your business CMS to easily integrate all of your web pages at the same address. It’s vital that you make it easy to access your content pages so that staff or writers may seamlessly add updates and fresh content. You should have user guides available for anyone who posts content to the blog or site to be certain formatting and other elements are consistent. The more rapid and hassle-free you make your content posting, the more your staff will follow through with your strategy. 2. Optimize your mobile site so visitors stick around. You’ve got to make certain that your device and phone users are easily getting the same experience from your mobile site as from main web pages. Over 80% of smartphone users say they use their phones for spur-of-the-moment searches while away from home. They aren’t going to want to learn an entirely new interface even when they’re not in a hurry, so if your mobile site is significantly different from your website, they’ll just leave. A brand new mobile website is an expensive proposition, but if you expect to gain or already have an increasing number of mobile visitors, that matching, responsive mobile site will pay off in conversions you’ll never get if they log off before they buy. 3. Research and brainstorm for unique content that enhances your image. You most likely already know your website needs a steady supply of engaging, original content that isn’t too wordy and gives more than surface-level information. To develop the most engaging content, research your target demographics to find out the type of titles they will happily click on and read. Your proven analytics tools are invaluable when you want to analyze your past traffic to find patterns of engagement and ultimate conversion. Predictive intelligence software is another great tool you should use in your research. Which of your content pages saw the heaviest views, and where did users go with the information? Which videos attracted the greatest attention and were shared the most? Use the data you collect to build on past successes and avoid previous flops. Brainstorm with your staff or host some idea-sharing meetings with participants in your target demographic to get some fresh perspectives on the information your site visitors need and want to read about. Your content shouldn’t be a bunch of sales pitches or long technical missives, even if your product is tech-related. Articles, stories, and blog posts should be written so that a sixth grader will comprehend what’s being read. This will also make your site user-friendly to people who speak English as a second language, which will increase your...

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How To Dress For Your Commercial Shoot

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Creating and starring in a commercial for your business is both exciting and a great way to give your business exposure. However, in order to ensure your commercial is effective, there are a number of things you need to consider. One of the most overlooked areas of video production is your appearance. What you wear while on camera directly reflects your business and has an impact on the overall look of the video, so it’s important that you choose wisely. Here is a handful of tips to ensure you are looking your best for your commercial shoot. Jewelry When it comes to jewelry, less is generally more. An abundance of jewelry can sometimes translate as unprofessional on camera. If you’re making a commercial for a business like a financial service or law firm, the appearance of high professionalism is very important. Additionally, jewelry can also cause issue with the camera. When light hits your jewelry it will cause a reflection that will be visible on screen. Stone-filled broaches or pins, dangling earrings and shiny bangles are just some of the selections you want to stay away from. Typically, a post-style earring, a wedding ring and a watch are all that’s necessary. Shoes Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. A common thing people are surprised to learn is that it takes a considerable amount of time to create even a short commercial. Director cues and line mishaps cause you to shoot the same segments over and over. You want to appear vibrant and energetic on screen, not like you are in gut-wrenching pain because your feet hurt. Avoid this by not wearing new shoes on the day of your shoot. Wear a shoe that you know is comfortable. After-all, your feet probably won’t even be in the shot. Apparel Especially if you’re advertising a product, you want to keep your clothing choices modest. Busy patterns and bright colors will only take attention away from the product you’re trying to advertise, which is basically defeating the purpose of the commercial. Solid colors in natural tones, black and blue are generally good options. You also want to be conscious of the background colors for the environment you’re shooting the commercial in. For example, if you’re shooting the video in a grassy field, green isn’t going to be your friend. This will only make you blend in with the background and appear larger than you actually are. Make you are dressing with success in mind when it comes to your commercial shoot. The more you plan for success, the more successful your video production will...

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How Make Your Computer Effective For Drag And Drop CMS On Windows 8

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Drag and drop content management systems, or drag and drop CMS is an extremely helpful tool for those who want to edit webpages and swap out pictures in other applications without having to know anything about coding. This makes website design accessible to basically everyone. However, many people find it irritating to drag and drop items from one window to another because it often involves making the window that has the pictures very small and re-positioning it off to the side, opening up the window that you want to drag pictures to, and then re-opening up the original window so that you have access to the pictures.  Luckily, there is an easy way to avoid having to deal with this. If your computer is currently running the Windows 8 operating system, you can set it up so that your pictures folder and the webpage that you want to edit can be open on the same screen. Opening one window will not cause the other to close, allowing you to complete your editing in a much shorter amount of time. Here are the steps that you need to follow. 1. Open Both Windows First, you need to open both of the windows that you want to be looking at. For example, you might want to open up the folder that has all of the pictures that you want to add to a webpage and the editing site for your webpage. Make sure that one of them is totally open when you complete this task. It doesn’t matter which one. 2. Swipe If you have a laptop that has a touchscreen, position your finger towards the left of the screen and start swiping towards the right. Move near center screen and then hold your finger still. The second page should appear in a few seconds. Each page will take up roughly half the screen. If you are using a mouse, take hold of the window that you have open by clicking on the top of the window in the toolbar. Drag this screen to either the right or the left, whichever you prefer. The window will become smaller and take up no more than half the screen. The second window that you need will fill up the remaining area of the screen if it is directly underneath the first window in precedence. If not, close out of the windows until the window that you need comes up. 3. Resize Finally, you can re-size the windows by clicking either one and dragging it to the right or to the left, making that window bigger and the other smaller or vice versa. Do this until you can see everything that you need from both screens. For more information and tips, talk to the company that provides your drag and drop...

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