How To Keep First-Time Visitors From Leaving Your Website

No matter how old or new your website is, you want to attract and keep as many new visitors as you can. New visitors may become old customers over time. But if your site is disorganized, unattractive, or both, many of your first-time visitors may leave your website and never return. Learn how you can keep first-time visitors from leaving your site right away below.

Survey Potential Customers and Visitors

Sometimes, the best way to learn how customers feel about a website is to survey them. Surveys allow you to ask potential customers things they may feel strongly about, such as how different products work in their home. Surveys also allow you to gather data from different people. The data can help you remove things from your site that hinder your visitors' experience based on their location, needs, and wants. 

Before you survey your potential customers or visitors, look over your website. Try to find things about your site that could deter visitors, such as blog errors and offensive images. Write down everything you find so that you can use it in your survey.

If surveying potential visitors doesn't help you retain them, consider changing your website's layout.

Improve Your Homepage and Fix Technical Issues

Visitors may leave your site because of how it's designed or how it behaves. Websites that keep first-time visitors' attention are often easy to navigate or look through. The homepage is one of the most important features on your site. If people can't see anything on your homepage that interest them, they may leave the site altogether.

Sites that don't load properly can also affect your visitors. This may be due to technical issues or bugs. Customers may not want to spend too much time waiting for your pages to load. The individuals may go to sites that don't have technical issues instead of yours.

A website design company can change or improve your site's layout for you. The new layout should be simple to navigate, even for novice visitors. The homepage should also inform people about your site, including the types of services or products you offer. Your homepage should represent or show your business in the best light. 

A design company may also help you choose technical programs that troubleshoot, find, and repair page errors before they get out of hand. The programs may also come with live support and contact forms.

If you're tired of losing first-time customers, contact a website design company like A2C Web Design & SEO for help today.